Tom Mortenson

Senior Research Fellow

Department: Pell Institute Staff

Tom Mortenson has been a dedicated student of higher education opportunities since 1970. His policy research primarily focuses on higher education and training access, examining how federal, state, and institutional policies influence the facilitation or hindrance of such access.

With a strong commitment to advancing underrepresented populations within higher education, Tom’s particular focus is on students from low-income families, who are often the first in their families to embark on a college journey. His research also extends to underrepresented minorities, including Black, Hispanic, and American Indian students, along with a keen interest in addressing gender disparities, especially among male students.

Tom’s research portfolio encompasses a wide array of subjects, including academic and financial preparedness for college, issues surrounding access, choice, persistence, degree attainment, and the transition of college graduates into the workforce. Of specific interest is the examination of both private and public financing of higher education opportunities and the repercussions of the cost shift from taxpayers to students. This trend has been in motion since 1980.

In addition to his research pursuits, Tom is a prolific writer and publisher of monthly research letters. This publication provides in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting on various facets of educational opportunity beyond high school, spanning demographics, sociology, history, politics, and economics.

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