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Opportunity Matters Journal is an open-access academic and creative journal where scholars, practitioners, students, parents and community leaders involved with educational opportunity programs can share their research, reports, ideas and creative works.

Volume 5: Empowering Equity at the Intersections: Educational Opportunity and Student Futures

Meet the Opportunity Matters Journal Editorial Board

We invited passionate individuals, including alumni, practitioners, and faculty, to join the Editorial Board for the upcoming volume of the Opportunity Matters Journal (OMJ). As we strive to elevate diverse voices and perspectives in higher education, your expertise will be crucial in shaping this dynamic journal. The editors will act as peer-reviewers and assess manuscripts for scholarly quality and adherence to the journal standards. This involves guiding manuscripts through the review process and overseeing required revisions.

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Volume 4: TRIO, The Next Forty Years

These articles focus on real-time practice and issues affecting the field and allow practitioners to re-frame our intention about creating spaces and opportunities that are inclusive, supportive, and relevant to higher education. The Pell Institute thanks the authors for their contributions and valuable knowledge to Volume IV, the first since 2017. The following essays are included in this volume:

  • Investigating Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Graduate School Enrollment Rates Among McNair Scholars by Stephaine M. Breen and Antoinette Newsome
  • Representation has changed: The need to update graduate student development theory to reflect marginalized populations’ experiences in the Ph.D. by Rachel Renbarger, David Rehfeld, Terrill Saxon, and Ariel Steele
  • “I Feel I matter a Little Less to the School”: Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic Through the Lens of Latinx, Low-Income, and First-Generation Students in Washington State by Christina Torress García, Lizeth Bañuelos, and Alexandria Coronado
  • Entering the Unknown: What Are Possible Futures for TRIO? by John Groutt
  • The Unheard: What College Readiness Means to TRIO Parents by Kevin D. Todd and Reman S. Jabar
  • STEMTank – Implementing an Online Engineering Summer Camp for Underprivileged High School Students in Response to COVID-19 by Matthew J. Traum, Adrienne L. Provost, and Jodi Doher
  • TRIO Works: The Impact of Student Support Services on the Career Self-Efficacy of First-Generation Students by James K. Winfield
  • The Needs of Students Navigating College While Homeless: How the Federal TRIO Program Can Support Them by Bertha Fountain
  • First Gen/Gen Z: Reimagining Secondary Education Supports through Literacy Partnerships by Libby Adjei and Sarah J. Donovan

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