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We believe in the power of conferences and events to bring together thought leaders, researchers, educators, and advocates who are passionate about creating a more equitable and inclusive educational landscape. Join us at our upcoming conferences and events to be a part of this transformative journey.


Identifying ways to improve outcomes for students who rely on financial aid to pay for college

The Student Financial Aid Research Network (SFARN) 40th annual conference will be held in person on July 13-14, 2023 at the State University of New Jersey Rutgers. Connect with a diverse community of professionals, including financial aid administrators, educators, researchers, and industry influencers. Explore groundbreaking studies, best practices, and emerging trends shaping the landscape of student financial aid. The Student Financial Aid Research Network conference provides the ideal platform to forge connections, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations to drive positive change and open doors to new opportunities. Online registration closes Saturday, July 1


Stay Connected

The Pell Institute is the first research institute to specifically examine the issues affecting educational opportunity for low-income, first-generation, and disabled college students. Learn more about the Pell Institute, including our mission, purpose, goals, and history.


communities of practice

Research, Evaluation and Data Use

This community of practice aims to generate knowledge and evidence about practices that best serve our students. Community members see research, evaluation, and evidence-supported practices as crucial to improving the success of college access and success programs. Members also believe that knowledge, strategies, and techniques developed in the many successful programs around the country should be documented and shared with the larger community of college access and success professionals. Finally, this community hopes to share practical, innovative methods for evaluating the success of each program. Overall, this community of practice functions as a place to facilitate the sharing of ideas, network, and connect institutions in search of ways to support our students’ academic access and success.